“One could go on for a long time about the genius and wonderful execution of Anna Krzystek’s dance performance- she was absolutely superb!This is a work that plays with our perceptions and perspectives of performance as well as the concepts of transformation or resolution. Playfully and perplexing we are engaged with ideas current in contemporary field theory and as ancient as medieval alchemy.”
Robert Beaton





Anna Krzystek is a choreographer & performer based in Glasgow. Anna is also a core member of Helsinki based performance company OBLIVIA
Having completed The Wait Anna is currently exploring & creating a new work, Untitled #1. Untitled #1 is the first of her Untitled series exploring the premise of Nothing. As with the thematic of Waiting before it, Nothing is vast and inviting and lends itself as much to humour and lightness as it does to notions of the human condition.
Untitled #1 will develop throughout 2015 and premiere in 2016.
During 2015 Anna also continues to perform Figure This, Face On and No End and, with Oblivia, MOPMA 1 and Super B (from the Museum of Postmodern Art series) and So On And So Forth (Oblivia's collaboration with Via Negativa) throughout Europe.
Anna is a current recipient of a Creative Scotland Artist Bursary award.


THE WAIT series

TEST, STILL, FIGURE THIS, FACE ON and NO END form a series of work based on the premise of waiting. Waiting, in all degrees of ambiguity, is experienced by everyone everyday. In these pieces the performer is referred to as the figure. Her presence is at once both immediate and distant as she is placed in relation to time, space, sound, object & filmed image. The carefully deliberated juxtapositions of the various elements forming these works create space for individual experiences to arise.



Face On as part of the Pioneers of Performance tour 9th September -3rd October 2015


Wednesday 9th September 2015 @ 7pm (part of a double bill)

Saturday 12th September @ 8.30pm

Wednesday 16th September @ 8.30pm

Saturday 19th September @ 8.30pm

Saturday 26th September @ 6.45pm (part of a double bill)

Wednesday 30th September @ 6.50pm (part of a double bill)

Saturday 3rd October @ 6.50pm (part of double bill)

UNTITLED #1 (a work in progress stage3)
The Work Room, Tramway, Glasgow
31st July & 1st August 2015

Mini Retrospective of THE WAIT series
Dance International Glasgow, Tramway, Glasgow
FIGURE THIS 12th May 2015 (+post show talk)
FACE ON 13th May 2015
NO END14th May 2015

UNTITLED #1 (a work in progress stage 2)
Beacon Arts Centre
8th May 2015

UNTITLED #1 (a work in progress)
The Work Room, Tramway, Glasgow
5th & 6th September 2014

Rise Dance Festival
Universal Hall, Findhorn
24th May 2014

British Dance Edition
Scottish Ballet, Glasgow
1st February 2014

Traverse, Edinburgh 8th November 2013

Tramway, Glasgow 28th February (premiere) & 1st March 2013

Concept, choreography and performance by Anna Krzystek
Original sound score by Tom Murray
Video installation by Daniela de Paulis and Anna Krzystek
Photographs by Tim Nunn

No End is the 5th and final piece in a series of interdisciplinary works based on the premise of waiting.

So far, Test, Still, Figure This and Face On have explored waiting in countless dimensions: the figure and the human condition; doing, not doing and being; presence and absence; seduction and intimacy; depth, duration and distancing verses the transient immediacy of the postmodern; performance, sound and filmed image; installation and the theatrical stage; high tech skill and low tech façades.

Now No End will reveal unadulterated insights into thoughts on life, performance and Art and in doing so delves closer than close to reveal new means for movement and modes of dialogue between art forms. No End tests the limits of what can be eliminated without compromising reason or expression. No End is both an ending and a new beginning.

No End is co-commissioned by Tramway and CCN Grenoble

Additional support from The Work Room, Creative Scotland and Oblivia

Choreography & performance - Anna Krzystek
Original sound score - Tom Murray
Video installation - Daniela De Paulis, Anna Krzystek and Tim Nunn.

In Figure This the figure, the central element in the series, was brought closer to the viewer through her physical acts of doing and suspended periods of not doing, opening up the possibility for a shared space.

Face On looks at exploring ideas of shared space further by inviting the viewer to experience a sublime state of intimacy as the figure ontologically connects to a sequence of changing situations.

Imbedded within this state of intimacy the figure comes face to face with the implications of performing and performance, of being observed and observing, of exposing the mechanisms and dealing with the consequences.

Face On is co-produced as part of the Open Latitudes network in co-operation with partners in Lille, Brussels, Warsaw, Lausanne and Mons funded by the European Commission EACEA, Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency culture Programme.

Additional funding & support from Creative Scotland, The Work Room, Dance Base, The Nightingale, Tramway, New Territories and Oblivia.

Premiere New Territories 2011

Tour dates include Lille, Brussels, Grenoble

Choreography & performance - Anna Krzystek
Original sound score - Tom Murray
Video installation - Tim Nunn, Daniela De Paulis and Anna Krzystek

FIGURE THIS aims to observe the figure more closely, unveiling newly found aspects of her presence.
The figure moves through a series of choreographic acts that sees her pushed to extremes. These acts are compulsive and enduring, they commence and end without warning leaving the figure suspended in periods of “not doing”. It is precisely in these gaps of “not doing’ that the figure is revealed and a sense of closeness can be felt.

The objects that surround the figure are remains from TEST and STILL, they quietly hold their own presence within the whole.

Commissioned by New Territories. Co-commissioned by Les Halles.
Additional funding & support from Scottish Arts Council Choreographic Fellowship Award, CCA, Dance Base, The Work Room, Dance House, Tramway, Oblivia and Balance.

Premiere: New Territories 2009
Tour Dates include Brussels, Warsaw, Paris, BDE Birmingham and IETM Glasgow

Choreography & performance -Anna Krzystek
Original sound score - Tom Murray
Film installation – Lucy Cash

As TEST presents an ongoing prelude to something that may or may not happen STILL visits the next phase of anticipation.
STILL exists on a fine line between performance and installation. It explores the openness of an installation whilst still utilizing structural tensions and the clearly defined frontal perspective found in theatre and film; finding moments during which the performer is able to fall in and out of focus giving space and time for the spectator’s eye to freely engage with other collaborative aspects of the work.

"(STILL) certainly side-stepped the mainstream with persuasive conviction, producing work that rewarded necessary concentration by sending our thoughts and imaginings into energising freefall." The Herald

Commissioned by New Territories 2007. Additional funding & support from Scottish Arts Council, CCA, Tramway, Dance Base, Dance House and Balance.

Premier: New Territories, Tramway, Glasgow 2007
Tour dates include Paris, Roubaix, Brussels, London, Alsager and Aberdeen.

Choreography and performance – Anna Krzystek
Original sound score – Tom Murray

TEST exists as a series of in between moments.
From the beginning we share the performer’s introspective, yet powerful, presence, which immediately forms tensions between herself and the space, herself and time and herself & the audience.
Within all its sparse quiescence TEST radiates physical exertion to a point where the audience, no longer just observers, become accomplices in this seemingly ongoing waiting game.
TEST eliminates all sense of predictability and acts as a test to exercise concentration.

TEST was made possible with funding & support from Scottish Arts Council and CCA.

Premier: CCA, Glasgow 2005
Tour dates include Brussels, Vilnius, Bytom, NRLA, Aberdeen and Edinburgh